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Proculus Technologies participated in the International Trade Show in Brazil

Dec 20, 2017

Proculus Technologies attended the 29th FIEE Show at Sao Paulo Expo center in Brazil from Jul.25-28.

The show is the largest and influential professional exhibition in the fields of electric, electronic, energy and automation industry in Latin America. 630 exhibitors from 17 countries and Brazil, 55000 engineers, technicians and buyers visited this show. This event gives the company access to buyers and decision makers from various industries. 

Proculus Technologies is the UART LCMs solution provider focusing on intelligent TFT LCD solution, including easy to use software and high reliability & cost-effective LCD Modules. For this exhibition, Proculus carefully prepared, with a superb level of technology, high-performance products. The four-day show with ingenious design and high quality of products has attracted many businessmen gathered to watch and to discuss. Our salesman communicated with the exhibitors with great enthusiasm and earnest attitude.

It’s harvest tour with lots of Proculus products sold, and we brought back a lot of advice from dealers invaluable. We also know that a long way to go, we will continue to make more quality product to customers.

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