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Proculus Technologies' innovative high-performance GUI solutions enable product designers across many different embedded markets to easily achieve smartphone-like interfaces on new and existing 8-bit microcontroller-based applications.

As embedded technologies around the world are becoming more advanced and consumer expectations higher, a well-designed user interface lies at the forefront of a product's success. The GUI must be feature-rich and sophisticated, yet easy to use.

At Proculus Technologies, we support different TFT displays and touch panel technologies. You can transition from evaluation, to prototyping and finally production seamlessly, no matter what industry you are in.

Exploratory Design
Proculus Technologies’ tools are known for letting interface designers quickly prototype an interface. Nobody is better or faster at this than us. If you're looking to design a user interface that redefines the way things are done, you'll want to try out your concept to see how they work.
Start Development
With our extensive documentation, tutorials and our expert support team, you can start and finish development faster and better. If you have any questions, ask our support team, and they will help you complete your design in the best way possible.
Implement Great GUIs
If you have the specifications all worked out and need someone to develop an embedded GUI or even deployable graphics, we can help. Having gone through the entire Design-Tweak-Develop-Deploy cycle many times, we can lend our expertise to your project.