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Install UnicView AD
Download and install the latest version of the GUI projects development application. The UnicView AD app is updated frequently, adding new capabilities, and always getting better and easier to use.
Download UnicView AD
Install Dependencies
To ensure that UnicView AD works correctly, download and install the .NET Framework 4.7 and Visual C++ 2013 packages.
Download.NET Framework 4.7
Download Visual C++ 2013
Enter Your Serial Key
Open the UnicView AD software and enter your Serial Key. Ready! Now You can start creating amazing Graphic Interfaces quickly and easily, and give new life to your projects. Check out some materials that will accelerate your learning about UnicView AD Smart Displays. If you have questions, suggestions or complaints, please contact our team!
Contact Us
Video Tutorials
Proculus Technologies is on YouTube! Our team is continually creating video tutorials to make learning about UnicView AD even easier. Check out our channel and subscribe to receive notifications whenever we launch new videos.
Proculus Technologies - Youtube Channel
Demonstrative Projects
You can download our demonstration projects and use them as a basis for your projects, or as a learning tool.
Demo Projects
We provide complete UnicView AD documentation in the links below. These documents describe the functions and how to use both the UnicView AD Software and the AD Intelligent Displays.
User Guide
Development Guide
Connection Guide